INSTALLATION » RATTLE 2016-2017 Grounds For Sculpture

RATTLE (installation view 1)

RATTLE (installation view 1)

RATTLE, commissioned by the Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ February 27, 2016 – January 8, 2017

RATTLE introduces monumental geometric forms and brilliant color to the West Gallery in Paul Henry Ramirez’s most comprehensive installation to date. The surfaces of the wall planes and the window glass celebrate Ramirez’s own unique imagery of precise geometric blocked forms in what he describes as “biogeomorphic abstraction,” the combination of two movements in modern art; Geometric Abstraction, an early 20th century movement that was inspired by the machine and its industrial complexity as evidenced in the paintings of Fernand Léger (1881-1955), and simplicity of form and use of a brilliant color field in the paintings of Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015), and Biomorphic Abstraction, involving an organically determined abstraction based on the rounded shapes found in nature as pioneered by such mid -20th century artists as Jean Arp(1886-1966) and Ives Tanguy (1900-1955).

RATTLE represents Ramirez’s response to the industrialized style of the gallery. By pitting his surrealist and fetishistic forms along with bright color fields and shapes, the installation of his 9 ceramic sculptures, and collaborating a musical score, he has created an experience in time and space that completely changes the viewer’s perception of the space.

“This installation demonstrates the powerful vision of Ramirez. The two and three-dimensional worlds meet to form a dialogue as sculpture.” Tom Moran, Chief Curator

Photo by Ken Ek. (Go to links page to see VIDEO)